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Walton and Okalossa counties lack access to vital health and wellness services for children on the free or reduced lunch program. Since 2005, CVHN has provided quality health services for children including Dental and Vision care for children who may not have had access otherwise. In 2020 CVHN will add Mental Health services to it's program offerings. This page provides not only CVHN statistics, but includes local disparity data to support the growing need for expanded services in our communities.


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Jane's Story

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What had been common procedure for thousands of students before suddenly became tense as the student (“Jane”) began to weep. Rather than forcing the issue with Jane, Denise compassionately assured her that she would not have to go to the bus. Knowing Jane needed our free, preventive dental services, Denise called Jane’s mom at the end of the day to ask her about Jane’s terrified reaction. Upon hearing what happened, her mom shared that Jane had always been afraid of the dentist. In fact, Jane cried when she received the permission form at school and didn’t want to take it home for her mom to sign it.


At a subsequent appointment, Jane was accompanied by her big sister onto the bus. Christina, another one of our exemplary dental hygienists, proceeded slowly and re-assured Jane each step of the treatment. The result? Jane’s tears were transformed into a “thumbs up” – that universal sign that all is indeed well.


Jane’s story illustrates the positive impact that our mobile dental clinic is having on children in need throughout Okaloosa and Walton Counties. Instead of holding onto a negative emotional experience with a dentist, with a little encouragement and a lot of love from Denise and Christina, Jane has now overcome a substantial emotional barrier. As a result, Jane is now able to pursue long term oral health instead of avoiding the dentist. For Denise and Christina, it’s not just providing the dental care to the kids that makes a difference. Sometimes, an extra measure of heartfelt empathy and encouragement is the recipe for a child in need to have the opportunity to flourish.

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CVHN's success is heavily reliant on the participation of the staff, the board and many amazing volunteers. As a team, we are able to contribute to services provided through our three programs, both directly and indirectly.

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