Healthcare Referral Program

MDC & DCThe Children’s Volunteer Health Network Healthcare Referral Program started when one lady had a heart to help one boy and brought the community together to make it happen (read the entire story HERE). Today, CVHN partners with over 95 local volunteer healthcare providers who see children in need of medical, dental, vision and mental health services.

QUALIFICATIONS: To qualify for the CVHN healthcare referral program, children must be school-aged, live in Okaloosa or Walton County and qualify for the free/reduced lunch programs at their school. Download a PDF Version of the referral form. Call 850.622.3200 x.106 to learn more.

eye examPROVIDERS: If you are interested in learning more about how you can become a volunteer provider, download this informational booklet or call 850.622.3200 x.102 to get more information. View our current Volunteer Providers Here.

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How the Healthcare Referral Process works:

  • The child presents a health issue to the school nurse, teacher or the administrative staff.
  • The child’s needs are assessed and the parent is called.
  • If the parent is unable to provide the necessary treatment because of financial issues, the school nurse (or staff) checks to see if the child qualifies for CVHN’s programs.
  • If he/she meets the qualification requirements, the nurse gives the parent CVHN’s referral forms to fill out.
  • After the paperwork is completed, the nurse emails or faxes it to CVHN.
  • Once paperwork is received, CVHN’s Client Care Coordinator reviews the information, and then contacts one of the volunteer providers to schedule an appointment for the child.
  • The Coordinator then calls the parent and confirms they are able to take the child to the appointment.
  • If any follow up appointments or specialty appointments are needed, the provider contacts CVHN with recommendations and CVHN will facilitate the necessary care.

Common Questions about the Healthcare Referral Program:

Does the parent have to pay for any of these services?

  • CVHN’s providers donate their time and services for FREE or at a reduced cost to CVHN for children in our service area.

What if the child has Medicaid, will CVHN help the child?

  • YES, if the child has Medicaid, CVHN will try to send the child to a Medicaid provider, when possible. Also, CVHN will try to help the parents with Medicaid resources in the area.

What is expected of the child and parent?

  • To attend all scheduled appointments on time.
  • If you are unable to attend, please give at least 24 hour’s notice to CVHN so they may notify the provider.
  • Be courteous to the provider and staff while at the appointment.
  • Communicate with CVHN if additional assistance is needed.

What if a parent is unable to attend a scheduled appointment?

  • As a courtesy to our providers, we ask parents to give CVHN 24 hours advance notice if they are unable to attend the appointment, or as soon as possible. Our providers have reserved the appointed time for CVHN clients, repeated no-show appointments are not tolerated.